Aguirre fires back at Robredo for saying DOJ has become a tool for ‘injustice’

  • Aguirre lashes back at Robredo for saying DOJ has become a tool for ‘injustice’
  • Robredo earlier said she is losing confidence in DOJ due to some of its controversial decisions recently
  • But Aguirre maintained there is no political vendetta in his decision

MANILA, Philippines  –  Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre seems to be on the offensive mode; firing back at almost anyone questioning his decision.

This time, it is Vice President Leni Roredo who is at the receiving end of Aguirre’s tirade.

This after Robredo admitted she’s losing confidence in the Justice Secretary over the latter’s vindictiveness against anyone opposing his views. Robredo said what made her sad even more is the fact that this is becoming a pattern.

“We see individuals who have been in public service for long and who have not been accused of anything like this being tagged as ‘drug protector’ simply because they have opposing views,” said the Vice President; referring to Cebu City Mayor Tomas Osmeña whom Aguirre accused of being a drug lord protector.

Robredo also expressed her disappointment over the dismissal of drugs charges against Kerwin Espinosa and Peter Lim, and the acceptance of ‘pork barrel scam queen’ Janet Lim-Napoles to the witness protection program (WPP).

Robredo said the DOJ, which is supposed to ensure that justice prevails in the country, has become the tool for injustice and political vendetta.

What political vendetta?

But Aguirre said Robredo’s position seems to indicate that the government should not prosecute criminals belonging to the opposition.

“What political vendetta is she talking about? Is it her position that we should not pursue any criminal prosecution for violation of the comprehensive drugs law because the culprit belongs to the opposition,” Aguirre told Inquirer.

Aguirre likewise lambasted Robredo for having the same position on De Lima’s case, which the Duterte administration insists was incarcerated because of her alleged involvement in drug trade, and not because she is a critic of the President.

“This is the same position they have respecting the De Lima cases. That no case should be filed against Osmeña because he is anti-Duterte advocate,” the Justice official added.