Bride sends wedding invitation to wrong address, gets an amazing note in response

  • Cassandra Warren accidentally sent a wedding invitation to a wrong address
  • A week later, the invitation came back in the mail with $20 and a kind congratulating note

An awesome mistake?

A bride-to-be accidentally sent a wedding invitation to a wrong address, so it was returned in the mail but with a special note enclosed.

Cassandra Warren was in a rush and feeling a little overwhelmed with her work and planning her upcoming 200-person wedding. As she was sending invitations for her June nuptial in the mail two weeks ago, she hurriedly addressed one to her aunt and uncle at their home in Eugene, Oregon, which was about 20 minutes from where she lives.

In a matter of an instant, the bride-to-be sparked a series of events that would end with a sweet gesture coming from a stranger at just the exact moment she needed it.

“I was trying to get the invitations addressed while at work with a little one who was sick,” Warren said via The Knot.

And she didn’t think to double check thinking it was the correct address.

A week later, the letter of invitation came back in the mail with an amazing response. The mysterious sender mailed back $20 and a kind note congratulating the couple.

“I wish I knew you – this is going to be a blast. Congratulations – go have dinner on me. I’ve been married for 40 years- it gets better with age,” the note reads.

“When I was saw it, I was like, this is awesome, it’s so thoughtful of them,” Warren said via News10.

Warren said they sent the person a thank-you note, and are thinking about sending them a thank-you gift.






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