Bureau of Customs seizes P600M worth of fake beauty products in Manila

  • Fake beauty and skin care products with an estimated value of Php600,000,000 were seized by the Bureau of Customs in Manila
  • Two separate raid by the authorities were conducted; one in Tondo and the other in Binondo
  • BOC Commissioner Isidro Lapeña warned the public on the health hazards of patronizing such fake products

Bureau of Customs (BOC) and operatives on Wednesday seized different brands of fake beauty and skin care products on separate inspections/raids in Manila.

A warehouse at Building 1336, Antonio Rivera Street, Tondo and another warehouse at Dona Maria Lim building, Ilang Ilang Street, Binondo, were visited by the authorities following leads from a tip.

The operatives have found out that the warehouses have been storing fake beauty products and other merchandise.

Customs Commissioner Isidro Lapeña along with representatives of known brands who were affected inspected the fake products valued at P600 million.

Some brand owners provided the BOC with vital information that a certain Kevin Lee has been occupying the warehouse in Tondo while the warehouse in Binondo was supposedly occupied by a certain Brian Lee and Anthony Lee.

According to the BOC, these individuals are supposedly business partners.

“Smugglers nowadays are bold to import these counterfeit items because majority of the Filipinos patronize fake products because of its cheaper price. Kayang-kaya ng budget at mura kumpara sa original pero [their budget can easily afford it compared to the original price, but] the continuous usage of these products pose harm to our health,” Lapeña said.

Lapeña noted that fake products are unfit for human use.

Also, fake products usually do not undergo quality control and might contain poisonous chemicals that they do not indicate in the package.

The occupants were given 15 days to provide necessary documents to prove that the products are not fake.

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