China airline dumps 30 tons of fuel to make emergency landing and save an ill passenger

  • A Chinese airline passenger plane had to dump 30 tons of fuel to save a passenger’s life
  • The female passenger became ill onboard, forcing the plane to make an emergency landing
  • The captain’s action drew praises from the passengers and netizens

It was a flight delayed for almost six hours, but passengers have no complain as it saved the life of an ill passenger onboard.

On Friday, March 23, China Eastern Airlines’ flight 587 was flying from Shanghai to New York when one of the passengers complained of whole-body tingling and difficulty in breathing.

The 60-year-old woman, who was travelling with her daughter, was immediately transferred from economy to business class and a crew performed basic first aid on her. However, hours later, the woman again complained of stiff muscles and showed signs of twitching.

This prompted the pilot to assess the situation and he then decided to make an emergency landing at the nearest airport to seek medical assistance for the sick passenger.

But the plane was carrying weight over the maximum required for safe landing; thus he needed to make the oil discharge procedure.

According to CGTN, the plane dumped 30 tons of fuel before landing safely at the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport in Alaska.

The ill passenger was taken in an ambulance and rushed to the nearest hospital.

The captain’s decision received praises from passengers and netizens alike.

“Life is the most important thing. I give a thumb-up to the whole cabin crew,” said one commenter.

Meanwhile, the plane left Anchorage after refueling and reached New York after almost six hours of delay.

The woman is said to have been discharged from the hospital and will continue her trip to New York.