Five British nationals offloaded from airplane for ‘mischief and causing a disturbance’

  • The Thomas Cook Airline bound for Las Vegas was diverted to Winnipeg to offload the rowdy passengers
  • The Royal Canadian Mounted Police confirmed the five men have been arrested 
  • A spokesman said the passengers were escorted off the plane wearing handcuffs

A Thomas Cook airline flight from Manchester, United Kingdom to Las Vegas, Nevada had to be diverted to Winnipeg, Canada Saturday morning after 5 rowdy passengers had to be escorted off the plane.

The five Britons were removed from the plane after they engaged in disruptive behavior while the plane was mid-air.

The men, who had been drinking, were led off the jet in handcuffs and hauled in for questioning by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police — who confirmed they were arrested for “mischief and causing a disturbance” on board a plane.

“We can confirm that five disruptive passengers were offloaded,” a representative for the U.K.’s Thomas Cook Airlines said on Saturday; adding that, “None of the males resisted officers and all were escorted off the plane in handcuffs without incident.”