Foreigners on motorcycle receive violation tickets in ‘OPLAN SITA’ for wearing T-back, no helmet

  • Two foreigners, a male and female who were riding a motorcycle, were flagged down by the authorities during an OPLAN SITA in Bohol for various violations
  • The moment was captured by a netizen and was posted on social media and re-shared by various Filipino Facebook pages
  • The foreigners were both not wearing helmets and the male was shirtless while the female was wearing a T-back, which is against the law and a big deal for the country’s conservative culture

Two foreigners were flagged down during an OPLAN SITA conducted by Baclayon Police Station led by Senior Inspector Raymond Halasan, chief of police.

Chief Halasan together with his Women and Children Protection Desk officer SPO3 Christine Vidal issued violation tickets to the foreigners.

As seen on photos shared by netizen Dave Charles Responte via Facebook on Monday, the male foreigner who was driving can be seen shirtless and not wearing a helmet. The female backrider was also not wearing a helmet. But what caught the attention of most netizens in the comments section is the fact that the woman was wearing a T-back bikini.

The Philippine culture which is conservative about clothing especially in public, specifically on the road, is not “OK” with it and the photos were shared by various Filipino Facebook pages.

Netizen Responte ended his post aptly with a line that goes: “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.”

The foreigners seem to have cooperated with the cops as the female has covered her lower part of the body while the male has worn a shirt and showed his driver’s license.

Image by Dave Charles Responte’s Facebook post
Image by Dave Charles Responte
Image by Dave Charles Responte
Image by Dave Charles Responte