‘Handsome’ guy nearly gets kidnapped by three women

  • Three intoxicated women tried to kidnap an attractive guy in China
  • A bar worker tried to intervene but he, too, was attacked
  • The would-be kidnappers were all charged and detained for days

Apparently, not only pretty ladies are in danger of being abducted by their admirers, at least in China. This almost unbelievable yet true story was reported on Sin Chew Daily recently.

As per the article, three women along with a male companion just left the bar and were waiting for a cab in Hangzhou.

While waiting for the taxi, a handsome, young man who was also with a girl caught their attention. The couple was also hailing a cab nearby.

The three women, having been intoxicated from the drinks they enjoyed earlier, hatched an ‘evil’ plan of kidnapping the attractive guy. They offered him the first taxi that came by then forcibly dragged him into the vehicle.

The handsome man’s female companion immediately went back into the bar and sought help. One of the bartenders came out and tried to intervene, but he, too, was ganged up by the three would-be kidnappers who were then  joined by their male friend.

The fight lasted for about three minutes before the outnumbered club worker, battered and bruised, managed to free himself from the attackers and retreated back into the bar. The police arrived at the scene shortly thereafter.

The police said they received a call about an ongoing fight outside the bar and responded to the scene. It turned out, the report said, that the caller was no less than the male friend of the attackers himself who left the scene after calling the police. He was arrested at a motel hours later.

The three women, meanwhile, were all arrested at the scene and have been charged.  All the four suspects were  detained for days and were fined 300 Chinese yuan each.

The report did not say whether the ‘handsome’ guy was seriously hurt or if he had any plan of suing the three women for attempted kidnapping.

This is the video report in Chinese: