Man found sleeping in a living room sofa of a home he broke into

  • Police officers were called to a home in Connecticut where a break-in was reported
  • Garrett Connors was found by police fast asleep on the living room sofa

A man was arrested Sunday after he was found sleeping on the sofa of the house in Connecticut he is accused of breaking into, police said.

Garrett Connors, 27, of Holbrook Place, Ansonia, was charged with third-degree burglary and criminal trespass.

According to NBC News, police officers were called to a home on Eastern Street, around 7 a.m. Sunday after a homeowner reported a break-in. The homeowner, who was not at home, was watching live through her surveillance system and reported a man wearing a pea coat was roaming around her home.

Police said they were surprised that they have found Connors who was soundly asleep on the living room sofa. When officers woke him up, Connors told the police that a woman let him and two friends into the home.

But there was no one else in the home, and surveillance footage showed Connors entered alone, police said, which  belied his story.

Connors was hit with burglary and criminal trespass charges for the incident.