Graduation surprise? Daughter shares reaction to her Mom who abandoned her for over a decade

  • Dainty Peñas didn’t grow up in the normal family set-up composed of a mom and a dad
  • She was abandoned by her parents when she was just a baby
  • After 11 years of being absent from her life, her mom finally shows up on her graduation day

“Maybe it’s true what they say — that a mother”s hug will always be different.”

People come and go, whether it’s intentional or not, that’s the reality of life so we are all forced to deal with it. We have heard of parents having to leave their children due to certain unavoidable circumstances. Some never get to see their parents again but some of the lucky ones do.

Dainty Peñas recently graduated from Velez College with a degree in Physical Therapy, and to her biggest surprise, her mom – who left when she was just a baby – showed up on her graduation day. Quite a shock, right?

She shared the photo taken with her mom along with the backstory on her Twitter account and it eventually went viral.

Peñas wrote that she was a product of early pregnancy. Without explaining why, her mom left her to her father’s family. Her grandfather and three aunts took the responsibility to take care of her while nobody on her mother’s side ever knew she existed.

She said that up until she was 11 years old, her mom still reached out to her but it eventually stopped and this is the first time she’s seen her again since then.

She admitted that she sometimes wished she could have chosen her own parents because of her situation. She also shared how she grew up having to hear her relatives tell her that she might end up just like her mom and dad.

Early in her life, she has already set her goals. She doesn’t want to end up like her parents and also does not want her future child to have no security so she really worked hard to get her degree.

Despite the lack of parents, she is still thankful to have her aunts, uncle and grandfather raise her but she was often asked what if her mom shows up unannounced?

She said she has thought of it and she knew what to tell her. She would say, “Why are you here? You’re not entitled to any of my success because you were never there my entire life.”

But when the moment finally came, her mom showed up after 11 years and hugged her while crying, she said she was frozen looking at the ceiling until she couldn’t help but cry, too.

The first thing she said to her mom was to ask her if she has eaten and then told her to reunite with her father’s family because they’d be delighted to see her.

Dainty said she was surprised with her own reaction and she wrote that it felt like a thorn was lifted off her chest.

She then talked about the right timing and how she’s more mature now than before and she’s willing to listen to whatever reason she has for leaving.

She also said she owes her success to the background of her parents.

At the end she shared a picture of her family sitting around a table with smiles on their faces.

She also noted that her father is not in the picture and that they have their own issues to resolve.

This may seem like a happy ending to an otherwise sad beginning but Dainty said that even though her mom finally showed up, and experienced “…a sense of familiarity that [she] cannot deny, they will never be home.”

Her thread on Twitter is a reminder that there is no use in holding grudges against people who have wronged you…especially if they’re family.

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Twitter, Inquirer