NYPD Detective hailed a hero after saving a man from jumping off bridge

  • A man, who attempted to take his own life, had scaled the tower and climbed on top of the catwalk of the bridge
  • Detective Claudio Sanchez was one of the Emergency Services Unit called for the rescue

New York Police Department Detective Claudio Sanchez is being hailed as a hero after saving the life of a man who wanted to jump from the top of the nearly 500-ft Robert Kennedy Bridge on Sunday.

According to NBC News, when a man scaled a tower above the whir of the RFK Bridge in an apparent attempt to take his own life, Mr Sanchez was one of the Emergency Services Unit officers called to make a rescue.

The video footage released by by the NYPD showed Sanchez running across the platform of the ledge, then grabbing the man as he was put into a harness.

“We had no second thought,” Sanchez, a member of NYPD’s special ops team, said. “It had to be done. And the reaction was, ‘Let’s grab this guy and make sure we can get him down safely and whatever problems he had, they can be resolved.'”

Emergency services then proceeded to perform CPR on the man, before being rushed to a nearby hospital where he remains in stable but critical condition, the station reported.