Paranoid riding-in-tandem men die after avoiding cops and crashing into a parked backhoe

  • Two men died when their motorcycle crashed into a backhoe while they were reportedly speeding away from cops on patrol
  • No illegal items were found in the victims’ possession

Two men on a motorcycle died when they crashed into a parked backhoe at Fairlane Street, Batangay Greater Fairview while they were avoiding cops on patrol.

In a video shared by GMA News on Monday, Police Senior Inspector Aurelio Santiago of the Quezon City Police District Station 5 said that the motorcycle increased its speed when the driver saw him and his men patrolling at Dahlia Street.

Insp. Santiago and his group went after the riding-in-tandem men.

But when they found the two near a curve, they were both lying on the road.

It turned out that the victims didn’t expect a backhoe was parked at the area, and due to their high speed, they weren’t able to avoid the hazard.

The police are investigating why the two victims sped away when they saw the group of cops.

The authorities didn’t find any illegal items in the victims’ pockets, but they speculate that both could be drunk at the time.

Watch this video shared by GMA News via YouTube:

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GMA News, YouTube