People think there is something wrong in this photo – Can you spot it?

  • A photo which was reposted by Alaska Airlines’ Instagram account went viral
  • The photo shows two women lying on the beach but only one set of footprints can be seen

Alaska Airlines have posted a photo on their Instagram account about a couple of days ago.

The picture which was originally posted by Instagram user @awayfromtheoffice shows two women on a beach in Hawaii. However, since it was reposted by Alaska Airlines, it went viral and people have started calling it fake.

Can you figure out why?

Well, many think the pic was edited because it shows only one set of footprints leading up to the two women.

“Love this photo! But how is there only one set of footprints when there are two people in the photo?!” asks one Instagram user. “So the other person didn’t walk there?” writes another.

Some also wonder if the other woman is a mermaid.

“Is one of these girls a mermaid?! ??” writes Instagram user thisbigwildworld.

What do you think? Let us know!






Source :

Instagram, NDTV