Phony MMDA enforcer issues fake ticket, gets driver’s license

  • An individual posing as an enforcer of the MMDA issued a fake ticket to a victim and took his driver’s license
  • The fake MMDA enforcer was identified only as “Traffic Constable III Gulong” 
  • The MMDA warns the public of these impostors who use the agency to extort money from motorists

The public has been warned by the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) against individuals posing as traffic enforcers to extort money after a complaint of a victimized motorist surfaced.

The fake MMDA enforcer was identified only as “Traffic Constable III Gulong” through the fake citation ticket he issued to his victim, Christopher Morante, for reckless driving along Edsa.

The bogus MMDA enforcer reportedly fined Morante with P2,000, and not only that; he also confiscated the victim’s driver’s license.

Morante, a resident of Mandaluyong, was supposed to redeem his license on Monday when he learned that his ticket was fake.

MMDA acting general manager Jojo Garcia on Tuesday said that the agency does not have the motorist’s driver’s license, and the person who apprehended him was not a legitimate traffic enforcer of the agency.

The victim said in his complaint that it didn’t cross his mind to doubt the enforcer because the latter was wearing an MMDA uniform.

To identify a real MMDA enforcer, Garcia urged motorists to ask for a “mission order.”

A mission order is a document which indicates the enforcer’s official functions, place of assignment, and time of duty.

Carrying his mission order at all times is the responsibility of a traffic enforcer.

And if ever an enforcer does not bear his mission order with him, he is unauthorized to make apprehensions.

Also, the carbon copy of the ticket with bluish tint should have been given to a traffic violator, not the original copy. Take note of that.