Python mistakenly consumes man’s slipper for food, undergoes surgery to take it out

  • A carpet python has consumed a man’s footwear, mistaking it for a feed
  • The python was taken to a HerpVet at Mount Ommaney, where it was X-rayed to confirm the footwear was inside

A Coastal carpet python in Australia has erroneously taken in a man’s footwear as a tasty snack; ingesting the right-foot slipper in a Haigslea home, west of Brisbane, last week.

Norman Hill who runs N&S Snake Catcher with wife Sally was called to a Haigslea home on Friday where an elderly couple had found a python in their room with a prominent lump in its abdomen.

“The woman said to Norm, ‘I’ve got a silly question, but do you think the snake’s eaten a slipper?’” Sally Hill told the South-West Satellite. “You don’t hear that everyday.”

“You hear about snakes eating strange things like tennis balls and teddy bears, but we’d never seen it,” Hill added.

The snake was taken to Herpvet, a dedicated reptile department within the Greencross Jindalee Veterinary Clinic, where it was X-rayed to confirm the footwear was indeed inside.

The reptile underwent a successful surgery to have it removed on Monday afternoon.

The snake was given fluids, anti-inflammatory and pain killers.

“He woke up well and is off for rehabilitation in a couple of days,” says HerpVet.