RAF clarifies reports about ‘ghost plane’ spotted flying over England county

  • People in Derbyshire, UK were shocked to see multiple reports of sighting a ‘ghost’ plane
  • It was dark, it was low and it was silent as described by witnesses
  • The Royal Air Force (RAF) assured people not to worry about the ‘ghost plane’ in Derbyshire

People across a county in England were shocked to see a multiple sighting of a ‘silent WW II ghost plane’.

The incident reportedly took place Monday, March 26, 2018, when people reported seeing what they described as a plane from the second world war period flying very low with no sound.

And local media have reported receiving numerous calls from people claiming to have seen the “ghost plane” at different locations across the county.

“I thought it was odd as it was going the opposite way to Egginton airfield and looked like it was going to crash.

“It made no sound at all and the guy who was changing the crossing pointed to it so it wasn’t just me who saw it. I don’t believe in ghosts, but this was very strange,” said Sue Dorling via Derby Telegraph.

But the Royal Air Force (RAF), assured people not to worry about the alleged ‘ghost plane’ in Derbyshire.

Air Force officials revealed that three military planes were flying above Derbyshire during the time of ghost plane sightings. RAF made it clear that the witnesses might have seen the military aircraft and have misunderstood it as a low-flying UFO or ghost plane.

Want to see for yourself? secureteam10 shared a video via YouTube.