Ring-bearer owl draws laughter after attacking best man

  • An owl acting as the ring-bearer went rogue at a wedding and attacked the best man
  • The unfortunate best man fell to the ground, as the audience erupted in laughter

The couple should be the highlight of any wedding, but in a celebration of the sacrament of matrimony at Peckforton Castle, Tarporley, Cheshire, a friendly-feathered friend seem to have outshined the bride and groom.

All eyes were on the couple, Jeni Arrowsmith, 30, and Mark Wood, 29, who were standing side by side before their closest friends and relatives, and about to make the most solemn of vows to each other.

A majestic barn owl then swooped in to deliver the rings stored in a pouch, but mayhem breaks out moments later as the bird becomes distracted and takes an instant dislike to the second best man sitting on the front row and attacks him. The man fell from his seat and it drew laughter from the guests.

“It was one of the best moments I’ve ever seen,” wedding photographer Stacey Oliver said. “One of my friends had an owl ring-bearer at her wedding and it all went to plan, it flew in, dropped them off and went back so when this happened it was just so funny.”

“Everyone was absolutely hysterical,” he added.