‘Slowest rollercoaster’ in Japan derails and stops midride, but riders didn’t even notice

  • Patrons at a Japanese amusement park were enjoying a leisurely crawl around the track of the country’s slowest roller coaster 
  • Passengers didn’t even notice when it stopped completely

The ‘slowest roller coaster in Japan’ is so slow that passenger didn’t even notice that it derailed and stopped midride last week.

According to reports, patrons at the Arakawa Amusement Park in Arakawa Ward, Tokyo were enjoying  the “slowest coaster in Japan” when it derailed Friday, leaving seven adults and 12 children suspended 16 feet above the ground when it broke down around midday on Friday. They only realized this when they saw a worker banging away on the car with a hammer.

The confused passengers asked the worker what was going on, and only then found out that they had come to a halt.

“The coaster was moving so slowly, I didn’t notice it had stopped,” a passenger in her 30s, who was on the ride with her six-year-old son, told local media.

You can watch the video here.