Students use “pabasa” to criticize PH’s anti-illegal drug campaign

  • Some UP students performed a non-traditional “Pabasa” entitled “Pabasa Obitwaryo sa Nanlaban”
  • Instead of chanting about the life of Jesus, these students decided to read the names and details of those who died in the anti- illegal drug campaign of the Duterte Administration
  • The members of UP Repertory Company stage performed at Teacher’s Village in Quezon City

On Good Friday, thousands of people traditionally do the “Visita Iglesia” (visiting of churches) or the “Pabasa” (traditional Catholic religious activity which is a continues and uninterrupted reading and chanting of the life of Jesus).

However, instead of doing the “Pasyon”, some students of the University of the Philippines Repertory Company did an unconventional “Pabasa.” These students used the playground of Teacher’s Village, Quezon City as an avenue for their chanting presentation they called “Pabasa Obitwaryo sa Nanlaban”

These bunch of students read the names and details of death of around 2,000 people who allegedly died in relation to the anti-illegal drug campaign of the Duterte administration. The details regarding the almost 2,000 anti-drug campaign related deaths in Manila were read. According to these student-activists, they have researched about the name of Jesus.

This rally was spearheaded by members of UP Repertory Company stage. These stage performers wore white dress with a covering on their head. According to the UP students, their performance will continue until Easter Sunday.

According to the artistic director of UP Repertory Company Manuel Mesina III, the stage play troupe decided to coincide the presentation with the celebration of Holy Week in order to highlight the similarity between Christ’s death and those suspected drug addicts.

The students condemned the Drug War Campaign and decided to show its possible effect. Their objective is to get the attention of many regarding the “victims” of the illegal drug activity of the law enforcement.