Teenage girl dies after monks perform exorcism to banish “black magic curse”

  • A teenage girl died after undergoing an exorcism ritual
  • Three monks performed the ritual to allegedly banish a “black magic curse”
  • The girl died after drinking the “holy water” the monks gave her

Three men who were believed to be Buddhist monks are now the subject of police manhunt in Bangkok following the death of a teenage girl who underwent exorcism ritual to supposedly banish a “black magic curse.”

As mentioned in a story by The Star dated March 30, 2018, the monks performed a ritual that required the 18-year-old girl to drink “holy water” in order to get rid of the curse.

Police in Chaiyaphum’s Kaeng Khro district said the victim expired after supposedly drinking the holy water the monks gave her.

During the exorcism ritual, the girl vomited and went into shock after she drank the “holy water.” She was rushed to a hospital where she was declared dead on arrival following violent seizures that allegedly deprived her brain of oxygen.

The cause of the girl’s death remains unknown as the monks have disposed of the holy water before they escaped. Public health official Dr Passakorn Chaiyaset said there were no samples left of the liquid, which could have been tested for toxins.

The girl’s parents told reporters that they regretted believing what one of the suspects told them. They were told that their daughter was cursed and needed to undergo rituals to banish the “black magic curse.”

The victim’s father said that prior to the exorcism their child appeared fine and displayed no signs of sickness.