Uber driver blames app after driving down flight of stairs

  • An Uber driver headed down a flight of stairs and got stuck
  • Tow truck was used to remove the car out of its position
  • He then blamed the Uber app for the incident

The point of booking an Uber is to avoid inconvenience and get to your destination as early as possible, but the opposite happened when an Uber driver took a shortcut by heading down a flight of stairs which caused him to get stuck for almost two hours.

Around 1:23 pm on local time outside a Safeway store in San Francisco, USA, a white Toyota Camry was seen on the stairs of a pedestrian walkway.

The authorities tried to lower the car from the top of the stairs with a tow truck and after more than an hour, they were able to nudge the car loose but unfortunately the tow truck’s cable snapped  and it caused the car to slide down the stairs and crash onto a bolted trash can.

Upon further investigation, local police department found out that the driver’s name was Fred who’s been driving for Uber for less than a year. He had two passengers during the incident.

According to Fred, it was the Uber app that instructed him to go down the flight of stairs.

He later commented that Safeway should improve its parking space to avoid another incident like that.

The internet also had a few good laughs about it after a reporter tweeted it and the photo went viral.


Source :

Asiaone, Twitter