112-year-old Japanese is officially Guinness World’s ‘oldest living man’

  • A Japanese man has been officially recognized by Guinness as the world’s oldest
  • He is 112 years and 259 days old  as of April 10, 2018
  • He currently lives in Hokkaido, enjoying his retirement days eating cakes and sweets and watching TV

Mr. Masazo Nonaka was born on July 25 1905; weeks before Albert Einstein published his ‘theory of relativity’ and a few months before the Russian army surrendered at Port Arthur during the Russo-Japanese war.

On Tuesday, Nonaka was officially recognized by the Guinness World Record as the ‘oldest living person (male). He is exactly 112 years and 259 days old. He will turn 113 in a few months.

A representative, Erika Ogawa, VP Japan for Guinness World Records visited the supercentenarian at his home in Ashoro in the island of Hokkaido to personally present him the certificate.

According to Guinness, Nonaka took the title as the world’s oldest living man from Spanish Francisco Nuñez Olivera who died in February aged 113.

Mr. Nonaka was born to a large family, with seven brothers and a sister. He married in 1931 and went on to have five children. He outlived all seven of his siblings, his wife and two of his children, said an article on The New York Times.

He succeeded his parents in running the family-owned inn, which is also 105 years old now, and is currently being managed by one of his grandchildren.

He spends his retirement days with his family and mostly by watching television, reading newspapers and eating cakes and sweets.

According to Guinness, Mr. Nonaka’s age was confirmed through an extensive research conducted by Robert Young, Guinness World Records’ senior consultant for gerontology and the co-director for the Gerontology Research Group.