5 children dead due to diarrhea outbreak in Sulu villages

  • 5 children died in Pata, Sulu as local health officials declared a diarrhea outbreak
  • 27 of the 44 who caught the disease are still confined at a hospital wherein most of them are children
  • A seacraft and 2 choppers are on standby in case patients have to be transferred to other hospitals for treatment

Five children have died as local health officials declared a diarrhea outbreak in at least three villages of Pata town, Sulu province.

According to the Pata municipal health office, 44 individuals have caught acute gastroenteritis.

Most of the patients were children.

27 of the 44 are still confined at the Parang District Hospital in Sulu.

“Contaminated source of water is the most probable cause,”  said ARMM Health secretary Dr. Kadil Sinolinding in a statement.

“Rest assured that we are monitoring the situation very closely,” Sinolinding said.

The deaths reportedly started on March 27.

Chief of the Parang District Hospital Dr. Jubaira Isnain and Pata health chief Dr. Amilbahar Matingka are now personally managing the remaining patients.

In case patients are needed to be transported to places with more advanced medical facilities available, a seacraft is also on standby in Pata.

Incoming Armed Forces Chief Lt. Gen. Carlito Galvez Jr. also sent two helicopters for the immediate evacuation of other patients for treatment.