After her brother’s death, netizen shares story why headaches shouldn’t be taken for granted

  • A netizen shared why a headache should not be taken for granted
  • Patrick Maniebo passed away because of an inflammation in his brain

Social media user Jovelyn Mendoza Maniebo shared via Kikodora All Star Facebook Page a true story why a headache should not be taken for granted and how a much more terrifying disease could be hiding behind it.

As per her post, her brother Patrick Mendoza Maniebo was a healthy and energetic man; that is why his sudden “goodbye” was totally unexpected by the family.

Jovelyn disclosed that Patrick had fever on March 11 which was found out by his girlfriend.

Days passed, his condition worsened; leading him to take a leave from his job,

Midnight of March 16, he had convulsions making his family decide to bring him to the hospital. The next day, he was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit of the medical facility.

The family found out he has encephalitis as revealed by the doctor’s tests. Encephalitis, as per Merriam Webster, is an inflammation of the brain.

From March 19 to 23, the patient had continuous seizures. The doctor said he has a complication in the lungs and kidney because of the medicines being injected to him. His blood pressure had dropped and the doctor was having a hard time to detect the virus that was infected the patient.

Patrick and his family felt relieved when his vital signs went back to normal from March 24 to 26.

On the eve of March 27, while at work, Jovelyn got a call from her mom informing her that Patrick was in a critical condition. He was given CPR for almost 30 minutes but the medical team got no response from him. After prodding them to continue for at least an hour, the family decided to ask the medical staff to stop the procedure.

“Kaya ayun na, iniwan mo na kami sa simpleng sakit ng ulo na nararanasan naman ng lahat nawala ka samen.” [You left us because of a simple headache, commonly experienced by people.], goes the end of the post.

Many were able to relate to Patrick’s story, basing from the comments. May his story warn others to be more conscious of their wellness and not to take headaches for granted.


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