Albayalde warns Boracay police not to sleep in hotels

  • PNP Chief Albayalde instructed police officers deployed in Boracay not to accept hospitality offers of private resorts and hotel
  • The police force are obliged to avoid these invitations in order for them to avoid malicious speculations
  • 158 police officers sent to the island as additional armed force to secure the area are staying in public schools and government facilities

In connection with the rehabilitation of the famous tourist beach spot Boracay, armed personnel were also sent to secure the business establishments in the area. However, Philippine National Police (PNP) Director General Oscar Albayalde gave specific instruction to police officers deployed in the area not to sleep nor enter any resort and other business establishments.

Albayalde emphasized that even if the business owners would invite them and give them free accommodation, they should never entertain the invitation.

For what purpose? The PNP Chief mentioned that for these officers to avoid any intrigue or malicious speculations and avoid being blamed for missing valuables, his men are restricted to sleep in those areas.

In addition, Metro Boracay Police Task Force Commander Senior Supt. Jesus Cambay Jr. said that even if these business owners have already offered to accommodate the police force, they have firmly declined because there is a possibility that the lodging house or hotel where they are being asked to stay are actually one of the environmental violators.

According to Inquirer, the order to refuse the hospitality offers are applicable only to the additional 158 police offers sent to Boracay to assist the local police men in the closure order of the island implemented last April 26.

On the other hand, the PNP Chief also told them that they can still enjoy the cool white sand beach and golden sunset in the island but they should never act as tourists.

At present, some police officers are staying in the public elementary schools of Balabag and Yapak villages while some are in the Manoc-Manoc village multipurpose complex.

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