Anne Curtis recalls almost losing her life four years ago while shooting Dyesebel

  • Anne Curtis got stung by a box jellyfish while shooting Dyesebel four years ago
  • She experienced vomiting, pain and delirium
  • The actress was thankful to the Lord for the gift of life

Anne Curtis looked back at an incident four years ago when she almost died while shooting the fantaserye Dyesebel.

On her Instagram stories, the actress-host shared a photo of herself lying in a hospital bed; with red bruises and patches on her side. She revealed that while shooting, she got stung by a box jellyfish.

The box jellyfish has been considered as one of the most venomous creatures in the world.

Anne wrote, “About this time 4 years ago I almost lost my life to a box jellyfish. I am very thankful that I got stung by only half a tentacle.”

“So, even if I experienced all the symptoms — vomiting in a span of 1 minute, extreme pain and delirium — the venom was not enough to put me into cardiac arrest and turn into a fatal sting,” she added.

The It’s Showtime host gave a stern warning to the public, especially those who will be spending their vacations at the beach.

Anne said, “This summer, be careful in our waters. Because yes, we do have one of the world’s deadliest jellyfish in Philippine seas—the box jellyfish.”

“The ocean is their home. We are merely visitors. So it is our responsibility to be careful and ask locals if we should be on the lookout for jellyfish in their waters when going for a swim,” she reminded everyone.

In the end, she thanked the Lord for “the gift of life.”

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