Baby abducted in September finally recovered through the help of social media

  • A baby kidnapped 7 months ago is finally reunited with her family
  • She was abducted by a woman in September at the Las Piñas General Hospital
  • The suspect said she took the baby as a replacement for her own child whom she lost after giving birth prematurely

MANILA, Philippines – A baby who was kidnapped by a woman in Las Piñas seven months ago has finally been returned to her family through the help of social media.

In September, Riza Garcia sought the help of the police after one of her twin daughters, Zianne, was abducted by a woman at the Las Piñas General Hospital. The mother said they were at the hospital for a checkup.

According to Riza, a woman named Nathalie Damaso introduced herself as an employee of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) and offered to help them enroll in the 4Ps program.

When she left Zianne with Damaso inside an eatery, the latter left with the baby and was never seen again.

Riza, in desperation, created the page ‘Help Us Find Zianne’ to seek the help of netizens in locating her missing daughter.

Early this month, Riza received a picture sent by a concerned netizen showing a woman holding a baby. The woman closely resembled the kidnapper who was caught in a CCTV.

The Las Piñas police immediately acted on the information and eventually led them to the woman named Roselle Garcia (not related to the parents) in Victoria, Tarlac.

Roselle Garcia (Damaso’s real name) was arrested and she admitted she abducted Zianne because she also gave birth to a premature baby in the same hospital back then but lost her.

Scared of what her husband might do to her, Roselle said she kidnapped Riza’s daughter as a replacement.

Charges of kidnapping are now being prepared against the suspect.

Meanwhile, this is just one of the positive things we can get from the help of social media.

Let’s watch this video shared by ABS CBN via YouTube: