Bar owner finds stolen wallet, changes homeless teen’s life

  • Bar owner helped a woman customer find her stolen wallet
  • After finding out who the thief was, he felt he needs to do more
  • He made 17-year-old Rivers Prather a part of his family

Not an ordinary story!

A bar owner did not only help a customer find her stolen wallet through scourging CCTV footages but completely changed a homeless thief’s life as well, according to a Lad Bible article on Sunday.

Jimmy Gilleece, owner of Jimmy’s, met a woman customer last month who became upset and complained after losing her wallet containing a wedding ring at his place.

He then made it on a mission to find the thief via watching hours of security footages from six different cameras.

The bar owner discovered that 17-year-old Rivers Prather was the thief. He got him to confess on the stealing, and made it possible to bring the wallet with the ring – which was thrown on a seabed – back to its owner.

His compassion, perhaps, led him to do more than just helping the customer find the stolen item — to help the homeless stealer, as per a CBS News post.

“He was living in the woods, and this is when it was 30 degrees outside, and he hadn’t eaten in two days,” he said. “I could tell he wasn’t a criminal. He was just somebody who needed a little help.”

Gilleece said Prather had a hard-time living in the streets after becoming estranged from his mother, and stealing wallets became his outlet to feed his stomach.

Prather was adopted by him and he is presently living at Jimmy’s abode with Jimmy’s fiancee. They gave him jobs and a new hope for a bright future.

He said, “I couldn’t have been luckier. Most other people would have just gave the footage to police, and he chose to help me. He’s made me part of his family.”

Truly a story of compassion that is worth remembering.

Here’s a video story from CBS Evening News: