Boy Abunda apologizes to Hero Angeles for “iced tea” comment 14 years ago

  • Hero Angeles revealed that Boy Abunda’s “iced tea na walang ice” comment was his most memorable comment in Star Circle Quest
  • Tito Boy apologized for the comment
  • Hero admitted it motivated him to improve himself

Boy Abunda didn’t hesitate to say sorry to Hero Angeles for a comment he made during his Star Circle Quest days.

Fourteen years ago, Tito Boy was a judge in the hit reality talent contest while Hero was a contender. Tito Boy once told Hero he was, “Para kang iced tea na walang ice.” [You are like an ice tea without ice.]

In an interview on Tonight with Boy Abunda, Angeles revealed that that was his most unforgettable comment from the judge. Abunda told Angeles, “Sorry, ha. I apologize. Hindi ko alam kung paano ko ‘yun nasabi. Basta nag-aapologize ako.”

[I’m sorry. I apologize. I don’t know why I said that but I apologize.]

Angeles responded that the comment actually motivated him to improve his skills. He is now a miniature-art artist and will soon star in a teleserye.

You can watch the interview from ABS-CBN’s Youtube channel:

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