Bus driver braids little girl’s hair each day after her mom passed away

  • Isabella Pieri, 11, didn’t know how to style her own hair after her mother passed away from a rare illness two years ago
  • Their bus driver Tracy Dean offered to braid her hair every morning

A bus driver from Alpine, Utah has been praised by the residents for helping an 11-year-old girl style her hair every morning after her mother died two years ago from an illness.

Isabella Pieri felt a huge void in her life after the death of her mother. Her father, Philip Pieri, stepped up to take on the role of both parents, but there was one thing he couldn’t master — Isabella’s morning hair routine.

“I originally just gave her a crew cut because I didn’t know how, and it was all tangled and I couldn’t get it out for anything,” he told KSL TV.

Thankfully, someone else was ready and willing to take on the task.

Tracy Dean, a female school bus driver, was braiding another student’s hair into a style Isabella admired. Isabella told KSL-TV she summoned her courage and asked Dean if the bus driver might be able to give her a hand as well.

Dean said she’d be more than happy to. And the braiding began.

“It makes me feel like she’s a mom pretty much to me,” Isabella told KSL. “And it makes me excited for the next day to see what she does.”

Dean — who was diagnosed with breast cancer seven years ago — said she thought of her own children when she learned Isabella’s story, according to a report by People.

She now fixes Isabella’s hair every morning before Isabella gets off the bus.

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