Carmina and Zoren’s twins are academic achievers again this year

  • Proud mother Carmina Villarroel shared her twins’ academic achievements
  • Twins Cassandra ‘Cassy’ and Maverick ‘Mavy’ Legaspi have been consistent honor students
  • Cassy and Mavy are Carmina’s children with husband Zoren Legaspi

Celebrity couple Carmina Villarroel and Zoren Legaspi’s twins are academic achievers again this school year.

On Instagram, Carmina uploaded some photos taken during the awarding ceremony of her children Cassandra “Cassy” and Maverick “Mavy” Legaspi.

“Reading of Honors for my twins–Cassy and Mavy. Congratulations, guys. Good job! One proud momma here,” read the caption of her post.

“Sayang, Tatay has taping today but he’s super proud of you two. I love you my super twins,” she added.

Cassy and Mavy have been consistent honor students. In 2017, they received three certificates—gold and silver for subject excellence, and another one for deportment.

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Instagram, PEP