Cebu Pacific insists there was ‘no tampering’ in baggage of passenger in viral video

  • The Cebu Pacific airline said they have found no proof there was pilferage involving a baggage of passenger in viral video
  • A viral video showed an angry passenger claiming she lost some items from her baggage at NAIA
  • MIAA also said there is nothing missing from the baggage

MANILA, Philippines – The Cebu Pacific airline on Monday said it has found no proof that the baggage of the female passenger in the viral video was tampered with.

The airline was referring to the video uploaded on Facebook by a netizen named Joseph Bacalso Carillo showing an angry woman who claimed she lost some items in the baggage upon arrival at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) last Saturday.

Cebu Pacific earlier said it will investigate the incident to determine if there was indeed pilferage of the baggage as the passenger claimed. The woman can be heard in the video saying her bag was no longer locked and she lost some perfume and an iPad.

However, Cebu Pacific stated they have found no proof of such tampering.

“After a full and thorough investigation, which included inquiries with the ground staff, viewing body cam and fixed CCTV footage, among others, we have found that there were no discrepancies nor indications of tampering in the baggage of the concerned passenger under the care and custody of Cebu Pacific,” said the airline in a statement.

Same weight

The Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) also maintained the pilferage could not have happened because the baggage in question still weighed 8 kilos upon its arrival at NAIA; the same weight when it was checked in at the Hong Kong airport.

“Makakapag-conclude tayo na wala[ng nawawala] dahil pareho ang timbang [ng bagahe],” said MIAA General Manager Ed Monreal in an interview over DZMM. “Hindi ho namin ma-establish ‘yon [pagnanakaw].”

[We can conclude that nothing was missing because the weight was still the same. We cannot establish the theft.]

Cebu Pacific said they are now providing all information and the CCTV footage of the incident to MIAA for the full report.