Chinese couple reunite with daughter after 24-year search

  • Wang Mingqing and his wife Liu Dengying had looked for Qifeng since she disappeared at age three in 1994
  • Wang became a taxi driver in hopes that one day his daughter would be his passenger

A Chinese couple have been reunited with their daughter after she went missing for 24 years.

According to Lad Bible, Wang Mingqing’s daughter was only three years old when she went missing in Chengdu, China. The dad was selling fruit with his wife 24 years ago but once they finished serving customers, they realized that Qifeng was nowhere to be seen.

Wang sparked a massive search for his daughter, including setting up missing posters around the city, going to local hospitals and homeless shelters.

But as days passed by, hopes of finding Qifeng were getting slimmer.

Wang’s tireless search included becoming a taxi driver in Chengdu City, in the hope he would one day pick her up as a passenger.

Any time he would pick up a passenger he would ask them about whether they knew anyone around his daughter’s age that might not know who her parents were, and would give them a card with Qifeng’s picture and information.

His daughter made contact with him earlier this year after coming across an online post about him.

The family met in a tearful reunion Tuesday, where Wang hugged his daughter and said: “Daddy loves you.”

The incredible story has swept China, where many are celebrating the reunion.

Check their reunion photo: