Clumsy burglar breaks into donut shop, hits head while leaving

  • Police are searching for a man who hit his head while fleeing with a cash register and a box of cash in Port St. Lucie, Florida
  • Authorities said they are looking whether the man was a former employee as he seems to know his way around

Port St. Lucie, Florida police are looking for a clumsy donuts shop burglar who may have a sore head after breaking into a shop Sunday night.

According to WPTV, at 11:37 pm, an officer on patrol noticed a downed light pole lying in the grass near the Dixie Cream Donut shop located in the 1300 block of SW Bayshore Blvd.

Police said the officer checked the surrounding area to see if there were any surveillance cameras and instead found the glass front doors of the donuts shop had been shattered.

As per a surveillance video taken from the inside of the shop, a man had broken the front glass of the establishment with what looked like a hammer around 9:34 pm.

The burglar searched for the counter and found the cash register. As he was making his way to the front door — taking the bag, money box and the cash register with him — he had a little problem. He hit his head on the door and a magazine stand; causing him to drop the cash register on his way out of the store.

The thief then proceeded to leave with the bag and money box but left the cash register at the scene.

Authorities said they are looking whether the man was a former employee because it seemed he was somehow familiar with the place.

“It looks like he knew what he was doing or at least familiar with the business,” Master Sgt. Frank Sabol told WPEC-TV; adding that “Karma hit him when he hit his head on the stand.”



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