Coleen’s mom on daughter’s marriage with Billy: “Too young for me”

  • Coleen Garcia’s mother initially did not accept daughter’s marriage with Billy Crawford since she’s too young
  • She realized parents should know their boundaries especially if their children are of the right age to make major decisions

The love story of celebrity couple Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia is not unknown to us. Many reacted towards their relationship; even Coleen’s own mother, Maripaz Magsaysay.

During an interview with PEP, Maripaz admitted that at first she could not not accept the fact that her daughter is about to get married. She reportedly said: “Ako ‘yung last person na hindi ko matanggap kasi nga nasa honeymoon stage kami ni Coleen na parang always spending time pa rin kami and everything, ‘tapos too young for me.”

[I was the last person to agree to it because it’s like Coleen and I are still in the honeymoon stage like we’re always spending time with each other and everything. And she’s too young for me.]

She eventually gave in and offered her full support to the couple’s decision of tying the knot when she later saw her daughter happy with Billy.

She shared that what matters most in the end is her daughter’s decision since she’s of the right age. She added that parents should know their boundaries in terms of influencing their children’s major decisions in life.

“All you have to do is be supportive lang, and give your unconditional love and understanding, pray for them and wish them all the best in life,” she added.

The celebrity couple Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia are now hands on in their wedding preparations.

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