Dad trolls daughter’s engagement by holding a “Say No” sign

  • Allison Barron from Nevada posted viral pictures of her proposal
  • Her dad as a joke held up a ‘Say No’ sign behind where the proposal took place

A dad from Nevada trolled his daughter’s engagement  by hilariously photobombing the couple; holding up a sign that reads “Say No”.

According to bride-to-be Allison Barron, it was just another one of her Daddy Jakes ‘dad jokes’.

“We immediately both started laughing,” Allison told Inside Edition.

“My sister was behind us so we turned to her and was like, ‘Is this real?’ He was like laughing and smiling — he was proud of his sign.”

The 22-year-old said she started crying when her boyfriend got down on one knee.

Then she suddenly started laughing when she spotted her father on a nearby hill holding a sign that read, “Say No.”

Luckily, Daddy Jake was just kidding. Allison says her father and Levi are actually very close and get along well.

Allison tweeted pictures of what happened and the tweet has gotten about 229,000 likes.