Desperate dying mother donates eyes to see son who’s been missing for 22 years

  • A dying woman earlier offered her corneas for transplant in the hope of seeing her son from beyond the grave, 22 years after he went missing
  • The woman died last week at age 55 after battling breast cancer since 2010
  • Her eyes now belong to two young recipients, while her sister promised to continue the search for the lost son

A mother desperately searching for her son had a dying wish to see him again, even if it meant that her eyes be in another person’s body.

55-year-old Wang Shiqun of central China donated her corneas after succumbing to cancer earlier this April.

Her then nine-year-old son Zhu Hai disappeared while walking home from school at 5 p.m. on June 4, 1996.

With his parents divorced, the boy was living with his father at Yibin city in Sichuan province.

His family began searching for him when he didn’t return by 9 p.m on the same day.

Wang set out on a mission to find her son; traveling all throughout the country in cities like Beijing, Kunming in Yunnan province, and Sichuan.

Her son’s defining feature was a scar on his heel.

Through the years in her search missions, Wang was deceived several times by people with false leads.

To make matters worse, she’s been battling breast cancer since 2010.

In October 2017, Wang told her sister to give her eyes away before an operation, and her sister kept her promise.

Wang’s eyes now belong to two young beneficiaries who had eye diseases.

The sister also promised to continue the 22-year search.

“She said that when people die they are burned, so it would be better to donate what she could,” the sister said.

“When she left, she simply refused to close her eyes. As I cried, I told her I would definitely help her find her son,” the sister added.