“Dialysis, wheelchair, plane ticket and more”: Gretchen Barretto grants netizens’ wishes

  • Gretchen Barretto celebrated her Easter by granting netizens’ wishes
  • She gave sessions of dialysis, nebulizers, plane tickets, milk and many more
  • Her two BFFs Mimi Que and Patty Pineda also helped grant requests

Gretchen Barretto became a modern fairy godmother to 15 netizens as she granted them their wishes. Some of her friends, Mimi Que and Patty Pineda, also helped fulfill the requests of their followers.

On Instagram, Gretchen shared a few of her “granted” wishes. She gave wheelchairs, cans of milk for a netizen’s lola and for a baby whose mother is sick. Gretchen also chose to sponsor 10 sessions of dialysis for a 32-year-old lady named Irene Ferrer Cabusao.

She also contacted her doctor-friend Aivee Teo to help a netizen’s daughter who has been bullied for her acne problems.

Gretchen also ordered a bicycle with a sidecar for a corn vendor all the way from Davao City.

In the end, the generous benefactor thanked everyone for giving them a meaningful Easter. Gretchen wrote, “Thank you everyone for participating and making Easter meaningful. For those requests that weren’t granted, don’t worry. There may be more surprises coming your way!”

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Pep, Instagram