Doctor removed from airline flight after complaining of mosquitoes

  • Dr Saurabh Rai was planning to fly from Lucknow to Bengaluru via IndiGo Airline
  • Cardiologist surgeon complained to cabin crew about the mosquitoes on the plane

A passenger of an airplane was kicked off a flight in India after complaining of mosquitoes in the cabin.

Bengaluru-based cardiologist, Dr. Saurabh Rai, was offloaded on Monday morning from an IndiGo flight at Lucknow airport after his complaints about mosquitoes aboard the aircraft turned into an altercation with flight crew.

Dr. Rai boarded the aircraft at around 6am on Monday. According to reports, soon after entering the aircraft, Rai complained of mosquitoes and asked the crew to address the issue. But the crew asked him to sit down quietly.

IndiGo said he had used “threatening language” and words such as “hijack” and that they had acted according to safety protocols. But Dr. Saurabh Rai says he was “held by the collar” and dragged by the crew that evicted him from a flight from Lucknow to Bengaluru.

Suresh Prabhu, India’s Minister of Commerce and Industry and Civil Aviation, said he’s looking into the incident.

IndiGo is the most widely used airline in India, but has not been a stranger to customer service complaints over the years.