Dog found abandoned in a Korean hypermart locker stirs public anger

  • A neglected poodle found in a local Korean hypertmart small compartment enraged the public
  • An unnamed customer uploaded the photo and shared the incident online which later caused local authorities to contact the pet owner and pick up the pet
  • Both the pet owner and Lotte Mart received several criticisms after the incident went viral

A disturbing incident — wherein a pet owner left his dog inside a locker at Lotte Mart Jeonju, North Jeolla in South Korea — caused animal welfare groups to become enraged. Authorities and pet-lover organizations urged citizens to stop animal abuse in their country.

The poodle was believed to have been abandoned for nine hours inside the cramped locker, according to Asia One’s story. With this, concerned animal activists condemned the negligence of the owner of the poor canine and marked his action as “pure abuse”.

The story came out when a customer discovered the deserted animal. The concerned customer uploaded the photo of the brown poodle and narrated the incident online. Police and Lotte Mart authorities have confirmed that the dog’s 32-year-old pet owner entered the local mart at 10:30 am Sunday, April 15, after placing the poodle in the tiny compartment.

However, even if the unnamed customer reported the incident, the store employees allegedly said that they could do nothing about it. Some citizens have even defended the pet owner and said that those lockers at the hypermarket are for the safety and protection of pets and their other belongings.

The anonymous customer then decided to update his post about the incident and stated the woeful condition of the puppy who was “trembling from fear and cannot eat water or food”.

Finally, at around 7:38 pm on Sunday, a Lotte Mart employee notified the police to report the incident, which prompted the pet owner to retrieve his poodle. Based from the pet owner, he did not intentionally leave his pet. He just had to attend to an urgent matter at work; thus, he hurriedly left the public market to go to Seocheon county in South Chungcheong Province.

The pet abandonment incident went viral online and both the owner and Lotte Mart received several criticisms from netizens.

In response to heightened fury of the public, Lotte Mart has started getting pet owners’ names and contact information to prevent further cases in the future. A local Lotte Mart official also said they are also planning to expand the sizes of pet lockers in their store.