DOT chief: Duterte wants Miss Universe pageant to be held in Boracay

  • Duterte wants Miss Universe pageant to be held in Boracay island, said DOT chief Wanda Teo
  • Teo said the Philippines may bid for the hosting of the 2019 Miss Universe
  • Boracay is currently undergoing massive rehabilitation and will be closed for 6 months beginning April 26

MANILA, Philippines  –  The Philippines could be hosting the 2019 Miss Universe pageant, and no less than President Rodrigo Duterte himself wants the event to be held in Boracay, which is currently undergoing a massive rehabilitation.

Department of Tourism (DOT) Secretary Wanda Teo said on Saturday that it was during a recent Cabinet meeting held early this month when the President floated the idea of holding the prestigious event in the country’s premiere tourist destination.

This was supposedly in response to a question by a Cabinet official asking how the DOT will promote Boracay once it is closed.

“Boracay is Boracay… hindi na ‘yan kailangan i-promote, [There is no need to promote it]”, Teo said was her response.

But the President butted in, saying: “O sige kung gusto ninyo ilagay natin ang Miss Universe dun, papuntahin natin ang Miss Universe para pag nag-open ‘yan lahat magsipuntahan.”

[Okay, if you want the Miss Universe to held there, let us invite Miss Universe so when Boracay opens, everyone will go there.]

However, Teo clarified the Philippines could be bidding to host the 2019 Miss Universe since this year’s edition will most likely be held in Beijing, according to the organizers.

Boracay, meanwhile, will be closed for 6 months starting April 26, as per Duterte’s order following environmental issues leading to the President calling the island-destination a ‘cesspool’.