Duterte enjoys moments with former wife on her 70th birthday celeb

“The things we did last summer, I’ll remember all winter long…” 

It was a dance for the record.

Elizabeth Zimmerman, who celebrated her 70th birthday in Davao City on Saturday night, was all pink during the occasion which was also attended by her ex-husband; no other than the 16th President of the Philippines and former Mayor of Davao City Rodrigo Roa Duterte.

The 73-year-old President attended the special event together with their children, grandchildren and friends.

The Davao City Information Officer Jefry Tupas shared a video clip of that moment when the former couple danced to the song  The Things We Did Last Summer and people around them can be seen all smiles over the nostalgic number.

Several netizens reacted warmly to the shared video.

Amazingly, despite being separated for twenty years, the couple have remained friends.

It is evident in the photos and videos that Duterte will always have that soft spot for his former wife.

In fact, when he was made to give a message for her, he had reportedly said, as per another Facebook post by Tupas, that: “Given another chance, another life, I would still marry Elizabeth. Because that is love.”

Image capture of Facebook post by Jefry Tupas

He also serenaded the mother of his three elder children —Sara, Paolo and Sebastian –  with his favorite song “Ikaw” and they also kissed.

And of course, here’s that family picture.

Image by Jin Xiu via facebook account

In a 2016 story shared by CNN, Zimmerman admitted that the president is a very thoughtful person; adding that Duterte still takes care of her.

“Even when he goes abroad, there’s always something for me,” she was quoted as saying.

The former PAL flight stewardess, it would seem, has forgiven Duterte’s wayward days and has chosen to consider those as water under the bridge.