Duterte pushes for “security of tenure” bill, no more EO on “endo”

  • President Duterte is no longer interested in signing an executive order about “endo”
  • Instead, the President certified a pending bill on security of tenure as a priority bill in the Senate
  • Spokesman Harry Roque explained an EO is not enough to stop “endo” and that certain laws need to be passed instead

Labor Secretary Silvestre Bello II announced that President Rodrigo Duterte will no longer be signing an executive order (EO) to address the issue of contractualization or “endo” (end of contract.)

Secretary Bello explained that Duterte opted to push for the “security of tenure bill” as a priority bill pending in the Senate.

Bello was quoted by ABS-CBN saying, “The consensus was that instead of the President signing an executive order on the issue of contractualization, he will instead certify a priority bill, the bill that is now pending in the Senate on the security of tenure.”

Under the said bill, employees will automatically be deemed regular employees after they finish the 6 months probationary period.

Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque also confirmed that an executive order is not enough to put an end on unfair practices of contractualization. He explained that there are labor codes to be amended or laws need to be passed. He was quoted by ABS-CBN saying, “As you know in our system of government, an EO can only implement the law so there has to be revision in the law, especially on the definition of what endo is.”