FB ad promising free beer to striking teachers led to authorities raiding the brewery

  • Agents with the state’s alcoholic beverages agency said a Facebook ad promising free beer for teachers led to a raid

Teachers in an Oklahoma Town almost missed out on free beers after state officials raided a brewery that promised the educators some free beers in support of their cause.

According to Newsweek, educators in the state have been on strike over the past week; demanding better pay and more funding for state schools, in a dispute that has led to around 300,000 teachers walking out of their classrooms.

In solidarity with the teachers cause, Patriarch Craft Beer House and Lawn said in a Facebook post that they have two kegs of beer ready to give away to teachers – that is, until authorities intervened with a raid from the ABLE Commission.

“We believe in and support our local public school teachers!!” the post read; adding that the bar and brewery wanted to “show love to our hometown teachers,” as well as other school districts, by donating the beer.

Fox 25 Oklahoma City reported that an officer with the ABLE Commission saw the ad and he did not recognize the name on the beer label. That led the officers to go to Patriarch on Tuesday where they found two kegs of high-point beer that were not properly registered.

Patriarch will have a chance to contest the citation once the ABLE Commission files its formal case.