Filipina girl survives after falling 4 floors down from apartment in Singapore

  • A Filipina girl fell four floors down in an apartment in Singapore
  • She was home alone when the incident happened last week
  • The girl ‘miraculously survived’ but the mother is appealing for financial help

A 4-year-old Filipina girl was seriously injured but survived a four-story fall from an apartment in Singapore last week.

As per the Straits Time, the girl, identified as Sachi Hailey Unique Cruz, was home alone when the incident happened. Her grandmother left her to buy some foods at a nearby market last April 6.

The girl’s mother, Jenica Julien Santelices, a 24-year-old overseas Filipino worker (OFW) who works at a restaurant, narrated her mother and daughter came to Singapore last April 1 for a visit.

Last Friday, the grandmother left the child in their apartment at Block 836 Tampines Street 82 and came back 20 minutes later. However, she was surprised to see several police officers in their building and quickly went upstairs to check on her granddaughter.

“My mother went downstairs nervously to check what was happening and saw Sachi on the ground, together with the police and lots of people,” said Jenica.

Sachi was lucky to survive the four-story fall without hitting her head to the ground. However, she sustained serious injuries like internal bleeding in her lungs and liver, as well as a fractured spine and shoulder.

Jenica described it as a ‘miracle’ but appealed for financial assistance for the treatment of her daughter who is currently at KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital waiting for the result of the MRI to determine if an operation is needed.

“The only problem is we are in need of financial (help) to support her medical expenses. It’s an accident. No one wants this to happen,” the OFW said.

Here’s an update from the Facebook page Bata ni Susan: