Filipino orphan adopted by Australian couple claims Australia’s first gymnast gold

  • Christopher Remkes claimed Australia’s first gymnast gold in the Commonwealth Games
  • Christopher was once a Filipino orphan who was left at the hospital when he was only 2 days old
  • The Remkes found Christopher in an orphanage, adopted him and took him to Australia

Christopher Remkes made history by winning Australia’s first gold in the Commonwealth Games in gymnastics.

The gymnast revealed that his success was all because of his adoptive parents Mike and Dora Remke’s love and faith in him. Christopher also shared the story of how his adoptive parents saved him and gave him a new life. He was quoted by Daily Mail saying, “Without my parents I wouldn’t be here today, I would probably still be in the orphanage.”

“I owe everything to my parents, they gave me so much love and support and drove me around to all the competitions,” Christopher added.

The 21-year-old athlete was once a Filipino orphan who was left in a hospital when he was only 2 days old. Christopher lived in an orphanage until the Remkes found him.

Christopher’s father, Mike, said, “We instantly fell in love with him and we wanted a family. We talked to the nuns at the orphanage and they had never seen him smile or happy and as soon as we took him home to Australia and nothing but smiles and bubbly and full of life.”

The proud father added, “We are proud of everything, he was given nothing in life and he has taken every opportunity and run with it.”

You can watch a video about Christopher from the Australian Sports Commission’s Youtube channel: