Giant ‘Halo-Halo’ in Sultan Kudarat feeds 1,000 people

  • A gigantic all-time favorite Filipino dessert ‘Halo-Halo’ was prepared in Sultan Kudarat
  • They recently celebrated ‘Halo-Halo’ Festival in the town of Esperanza
  • The dessert was served to a thousand visitors and guests in the event

Summer time in the country just started and the all-time favorite Filipino dessert ‘halo-halo’ is among the most sought-after foods these days.

In Esperanza, Sultan Kudarat, an extra-large version of ‘halo-halo’ was made in celebration of its festival named after the dessert. The gigantic cold treat was the main highlight of the festival held last April 6-8.

The sweet delight was topped with mango-flavored leche flan. Then, savored with fruits as melon, buko, avocado, banana, pineapple, nuts, jackfruit, ube, and red beans.

To make it even more unique, they have added some veggies as carrots, tomatoes, pumpkin, coconut and even the strange-tasting ampalaya (bittergourd).

The giant halo-halo was served to around 1,000 people who attended the festival.

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GMA Network, ABS-CBN News, YouTube