Goat and sheep produce rare hybrid twins called geeps

  • Goat/sheep hybrids were named ‘This’ and ‘That’ after a nanny goat mated with a Cheviot ram
  • According to livestock experts, ‘This’ and ‘That’ may be the world’s only surviving twin sheep/goat hybrids

A nanny goat named Daisy from Ireland has given birth to what is believed to be twin ‘geeps’ – goat/sheep hybrids – after a week long dalliance with a Cheviot ram.

Angela Bermingham, who owns the mother goat, named the twins ‘This’ and ‘That’. She intends to keepDaisy’s offspring as pets rather than handing them over to the butcher or a meat plant.

According to livestock experts, Daisy’s born geeps may be the world’s only surviving twin sheep/goat hybrids.

Michael Holmes, who owns the Cheviot ram believed to have impregnated Daisy, has done extensive research on geeps since This and That came prancing to the world.

To have one geep survive is rare”, he said, “but to have two fit and healthy twins running around must be regarded as something of a miracle.”