Guevarra to probe Aguirre’s alleged ‘shredded’ documents; Aguirre denies “malicious” reports

  • Justice Secretary Menardo Guevarra said he will conduct an inquiry on reports of destruction of DOJ documents
  • Photos of shredded documents allegedly from Aguirre’s office went viral
  • Aguirre denied the reports and called it “malicious”

Justice Secretary Menardo Guevarra admitted that he will be conducting an inquiry on the alleged shredded documents from former DOJ secretary Vitaliano Aguirre’s office.

Several photos of shredded documents inside plastic garbage bags allegedly from Aguirre and Justice Undersecretary Reynante Orceo spread like wildfire online.

Guevarra admitted he had not seen the photos yet but will not look into the reports of destruction of documents. He was quoted by Inquirer saying, “ But just to be clear about it, I will make some inquiries (on Monday).”

Aguirre already made a statement to vehemently deny ordering the shredding of documents. He was quoted by ABS-CBN stating, “Foremost, I did not order any of my personnel to shred documents during my last day in office at the DOJ. If any shredding was done, I know nothing about it.”