Headless chicken hailed ‘a true warrior’ for surviving a week after losing its head

  • A chicken has managed to survive for more than a week after losing its head
  • Despite being headless though, the animal is still alive and has been hailed a ‘warrior

A chicken from Thailand has survived a week after being decapitated and now it has been hailed “a true warrior”.

The chicken which was from the Mueang Ratchaburi district of Ratchaburi Province in central Thailand had been hailed “a true warrior” as it fought for its life and survived for days.

A vet named Supakadee Arun Thong was the first one reported to have cared for the chicken; feeding it by dropping food down its neck and giving it antibiotics.

“The animal has its life. If it wants to live, we feed it,” Supakadee Arun Thong, the vet who had adopted the headless bird, told Thai reporters.

“Who will take him and care for him? He will need lifelong care. I have to admit that this chicken is a true warrior with a very tough heart,” Thong added.

Nobody knows how the chicken lost its head, although many suspect it must have been attacked by a predator.

Regardless of the circumstances in which it lost its head, everyone agrees that the decapitation should have proved fatal, but the bird refuses to die. And not only is it still alive, but it can also stand and walk around aimlessly.