“He’s hurting the pig!” Scarlet Snow cries after seeing a lechon being chopped

  • Scarlet Snow Belo cried after she saw a lechon being chopped
  • She thought the pig was hurt
  • Netizens were impressed with the toddler’s compassion for animals

Scarlet Snow Belo has another reason for everyone to love her. The adorable toddler seems to have a big heart for animals.

On Instagram, mom Vicki shared a few clips showing how Scarlet couldn’t help but feel bad after seeing a lechon being chopped. At a buffet place, Scarlet cried and said, “I’m going to tell the kuya not to… Oh, he’s hurting the pig again!”

She even asked the waiter, “What are you doing? Don’t do it again! Look, he’s owie!”

Mom Vicki explained, “Scarlet Snow has a big heart for animals, so she cried when she thought the pig was [hurt].”

She added, “She was checking if the big was okay and the pig whispered to her daw.”

At a young age, netizens were impressed with Scarlet’s compassion towards animals.

You can watch the compilation of the clips from Panda TV via YouTube channel: